PVA Ph neutral??!!

05. 06. 2018, 11:35
Ph neutral – When we found out about information in other e-shops that their PVA products were pH neutral and did not smell bad, it has just stuck in our heads. And we decided that we need to ...

Real english mesh

05. 06. 2018, 11:34
With our experience in textile, we know that all similar productions from Great Britain moved to the east a long time ago. Not even one production stayed in good old England. Even our supplier of PVA ...

Summer, winter, whole year?

05. 06. 2018, 11:33
The division into summer, winter and year-round products is more or less a technical recommendation. We use only proven materials of the same characteristics, the only difference is strength or density ...

How to/not to call things in the right way

05. 06. 2018, 11:32
Are you confused about used terminology and names of certain PVA products? A lot of sellers and in fact a lot of producers as well are not indicating the right name on purpose. But that is business. Under ...

How to work with PVA

05. 06. 2018, 11:27
One of the basic characteristics of the PVA is its solubility in water, which can be a disadvantage when handling in rain, dew or fog. It is important to ensure that the PVA material is dry and for this ...

What is PVA?

05. 06. 2018, 11:17
PVA (polyvinyl alcohol, solid – water soluble synthetic polymer). It is used not only for the production of soluble meshes, yarns and cords for fishing, but also in the textile industry as an auxiliary ...
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