We have large experience with textile production, we are specialized in machinery production of bobbin laces (more at our home site www.topak.cz) and processing of PVA materials is not a problem for us, unlike other manufacturers. The technology of bobbin production is the best way to produce top quality PVA products for fishing, this technology deals perfectly with the most complex textile weaves, which can´t be achieved by knitting.

How did we test?

Before our PVA products hit the market, we gave first big series of products to our few “test” fishermen. During 2008 and 2009 team from www.vasr.cz company was testing our PVA meshes. In 2009 Michal Kučera – MIKBAITS joined the testing with his team. Everyone worked so hard on improvements of our meshes, we have been gathering experience and comments on every single product from our PVA line. We used our own boilies to fill meshes, we tore them apart, let them dissolve in water and mostly we´ve been hunting, hunting and hunting for carps. After those 2 years of hard work, we implemented all improvements to make our PVA meshes the best they can be. And now they are ready for you. Thanks everyone for their professional cooperation. And hey… don´t let those fishes wait… go get them!

What influences the success?:
1. Size of the montage
2. Water temperature
3. Weight of the montage
4. How you plunge the bait into mesh
5. Depth of submersion
6. Water currents

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