PVA Ph neutral??!!

05. 06. 2018, 11:35

Ph neutral – When we found out about information in other e-shops that their PVA products were pH neutral and did not smell bad, it has just stuck in our heads. And we decided that we need to obtain such miraculous material from somewhere.
Because most of us in the company are only engineers and textiler workers (and these are half engineers anyway …), we asked our chemist friends first and then our Japanese material supplier for help. We guessed that the problem would turn into a banality. We passed samples of all the PVA material that we buy to chemists. Chemists have significantly tapped on their heads and contemptuously overlooked us. Acidity or alkalinity in other words the pH value can be actually measured only in liquids. And PVA meshes, laces, threads, ribbons or bags are really not liquids. Regarding PVA with odor, respectively. odorless I would not trust chemists´ noses, because I don´t believe that they can still smell.
Our suppliers in Japan were also a little bit confused about our questions. So they´ve asked us again about the issue – probably thinking that we are a little weird. They assured us that even during carp marathons, when the water in a pond or lake gets a large amount of PVA material (large amount – maybe several tens of grams ..), the pH of water due PVA does not change !!!! In the water with volume of several thousand cubic meters  a change in pH due to PVA material is immeasurable. But if the competition was held in a 10-litre bucket of water, PVA would totally change the measured Ph !!!! And about that odor that comes from PVA, well they have heard about this for their first time : -))
The true classic says: “Well, why not buy it, when it is so cheap …”


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