Real english mesh

05. 06. 2018, 11:34

With our experience in textile, we know that all similar productions from Great Britain moved to the east a long time ago. Not even one production stayed in good old England. Even our supplier of PVA material that has the English market very well mapped and even has dealerships in England, confirmed that they don´t provide the PVA material for products intended for fishing in the UK for a long time. Imagine on your own, where do products with labels “Made in UK” come from, who is making them and who are you paying for your product. PVA material: to produce our high quality PVA meshes we purchase one of the best Japanese material directly from the manufacturer, with all the necessary certificates. We do not use any other manufacturers materials, we don´t want to risk any problems in the future. One Asian manufacturer told us that they do not produce PVA at some periods of year –  because of the high humidity in their region.
PVA meshes EASYFISHING are high quality Czech products. We are the only one who manufactures PVA meshes using bobbin machine technology. The difference between other products and ours is that in case of a small rupture of the mesh (e.g. by mechanical action or by careless handling and contact with water) PVA will not tear apart and the bait will not get out of it when you cast it into the water, this process is crucial and therefore we expend our maximum effort to make use of our PVA as comfortable as possible. Our meshes have a very strong fiber weave and because of that they are suitable for high mechanical loads. Other products on the European market are manufactured by knitting technology (such as e.g. socks or sweaters) and even with a small breach of the fibre weave, meshes tend to easily unravel the entire diameter of the product and cause all of the contents to fall out, e.g. in flight before reaching the water surface. Other manufacturers replace this bad quality of their products by using more fiber (material) than we do. Some people believe that PVA is harmful and pollutes the purity of water, well now they have another reason to use our meshes because they are much lighter than others and use less PVA material.


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