FINE ELASTIC 15 mm – Refill pack 7 meters

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Refill pack of our smallest PVA mesh, FINE ELASTIC, designated for cold water and lighter baits. Diameter of the mesh is 15 mm with a length of 7 meters.
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List Number: 75551-15-7
EAN: 8595180949802
Warranty:24 měsíců
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Price including VAT:220 Kč
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FINE ELASTIC are elastic, light and smooth PVA meshes, specially manufactured for light and medium-weight baits and average casts. Mashes are made of high quality Japanese material.

Our standard packaging is in a tube which is closed at the ends in a way that no other manufacturer use. We use rubber caps that have several major advantages over other “reputable” manufacturers (maybe they are more watching their profit than utility value, but you be the judge …)
The main advantage of our set is:
– The durability of the rubber seal for continuous use for many years,
Perfect tightness and resistance to water, humidity, rain, dew. When you accidentally drop our package and the tube falls into water, the mesh will stay intact and fully useful thanks to 100% tightness of our tube (some producers, reputed brand, make holes in both covers ….: – ((, you know why …..)
– Flexibility and thus ease of opening and closing the tube, effortlessly and without using other tools to open, broken nails, cut fingers, etc.
The inner tube is in the upper part trimmed for easier scooping of your bait, e.g. from a box or other container with the bait. You do not have to use another product such as a funnel or another hopper. With our tube you can handle the filling with one hand !!!
– The mesh is pulled over on the inner tube, secured with a rubber band against the shift and everything is sealed in a protective foil.
– A standard part of the whole set is the original wooden plunger.
– Inside the package you will find a small leaflet with instructions for use.

We strive to make our products always with greater added value than others, our main goal is a satisfied customer, who will value EASYFISHING products for their reliability and convenience of use.
– All our mesh product lines have their own color. Making it easier for you to find what you are looking for. And to better choose PVA meshes for your specific use for different hunting conditions depending on water temperature, the weight of bait, size of the individual pieces (pellets, boilies, …).

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