CORD – Coarse knit – 10 meters

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Braided cord – tube with a diameter of 2 mm. Made with our special method. Tensile Strength 82N, i.e., the load withstand of 8 kg, before breaking. On the surface – the tubes have rough bumps–projections, which are designed to hold (brake) the bait when you cast at the same place. Perfect for heavy baits.
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As the name suggests, this is not the twisted product but its knitted (unlike EASYFISHING STRING). Thus, it is much stronger. In our production program we have one very specific product that is not sold, but we make it just for our needs. For several decades for our use only we produce special braided cord – we call it “parachute”, because its required to withstand many millions of cycles of tension and folding over the edge of 90 degrees in a loaded state. Many other factors in our production depend on this product. It is a specialty, that we had only for ourselves so far. And now we offer it to you.

The tensile strength is 82 N, it means that it will withstand the load of about 8 kg before it breaks!!!
Application: making of medium and large boilies and pellets, as well as creating long and heavy baiting tracks stockings as a substitute for big baits made of PVA mesh.
Dissolution time: given the material (as you’ve definitely gotten used to our quality Japanese PVA ….), the need to achieve the required strength and interlocking fine airborne bond stronger material dissolution is slower than the smooth strings. In water at 15 ° C does not exceed 2 minutes.

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