What is PVA?

05. 06. 2018, 11:17

PVA (polyvinyl alcohol, solid – water soluble synthetic polymer).
It is used not only for the production of soluble meshes, yarns and cords for fishing, but also in the textile industry as an auxiliary material for sewing textile products or in the enhancement process.
PVA has a world wide variety of applications, eg. Chemical industry, construction industry, pharmaceutical industry (pill coating), food industry (preservation), etc.
Manufacturers offer many kinds of PVA materials, which are soluble at different temperature heights. For certain textile products, it is necessary for PVA to dissolve during technological washing or when the product is colored at 90 ° C in the wash liquor. The material used for this purpose would be totally unsuitable for the production of meshes or cords for fishing. PVA would dissolve in a long time or almost not at all.
PVA material that we use to produce our meshes, strings and cords is the most suitable for this purpose, this kind of PVA has the best parameters of solubility which you need while fishing.


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