How to work with PVA

05. 06. 2018, 11:27

One of the basic characteristics of the PVA is its solubility in water, which can be a disadvantage when handling in rain, dew or fog. It is important to ensure that the PVA material is dry and for this purpose we appropriately designed our packaging. It is also vital to store PVA carefully in a dry place. Even very small amounts of water can etch PVA and essentially make it unusable. Or in a better case, this means discarding one half of mesh on the tube or on the spool. In such conditions it is possible to use a stronger PVA material with longer dissolution times, work with it in dry shelter, if possible and after attaching quickly cast.
When PVA comes into contact with wet parts must at the end of fishing rod (fishing line, lead, hook, tubing, etc.) it can be a problem. It is necessary to wipe dry all the parts that will be in contact with PVA.
Even under water situation where water can not dissolve the material completely can occur. These can happen at nodes of meshes, either alone or when using the tying string or ribbon to tie up the mesh. For available type of PVA for our purposes this phenomenon cannot be avoided. And if any manufacturer or vendor claims that their PVA dissolves perfectly, they are misleading customers. Nodes can be minimized by using strings or cords to bind the end of the mesh instead of  a nod. It is recommended to avoid skewering the hook through nodes. The best way is to skewer the hook just below the node. Otherwise there is a risk that your hook will remain sticky due to the rest of insoluble material.
Not usable for baits that are prepared by mixing with water. If the mixture is dried at least on the surface, it can be easily used.
PVA is soluble in water only. By using the essential oils, high quality liquid baits, syrups, boosters and dips, which are not water based you will NOT damage the PVA material and it will not dissolve when you prepare the bait.

To summarize it into points, the most important principles and knowledge is following:

1. Avoid contact of PVA material with water before use.
2. In the case of using oil-based dips, dissolution process is taking longer time. (In some cases for several hours).
3. Do not use baits on watery basis.
4. Always dry the rest of the equipment that may come into contact with the PVA. (Fishing line, lead, hook, etc.).
5. Do not store in a humid environment.


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