How to/not to call things in the right way

05. 06. 2018, 11:32

Are you confused about used terminology and names of certain PVA products? A lot of sellers and in fact a lot of producers as well are not indicating the right name on purpose. But that is business. Under the intention of offering a better, stronger, top quality product, they pick the name of the product in such a manner that it evokes much higher quality than it really is and hence actually deceived consumers. For example, in labeling of the thinnest PVA products the poor labeling is extraordinary. Term cord – thread – stringer -tTape are often used interchangeably in the description. But they often do not mean that inside the package there is anticipated product. Among the yarn, thread and cord is really a huge difference. This applies if we evaluate these products only in terms of our focus, and that’s PVA product. For other industries, such indications may be sufficient.


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