Summer, winter, whole year?

05. 06. 2018, 11:33

The division into summer, winter and year-round products is more or less a technical recommendation. We use only proven materials of the same characteristics, the only difference is strength or density of weave. The chemical composition of the materials that we use is the same.
The thicker the fiber, the longer it dissolves and can be used in the period when the water is warmer. And this rule does not apply only in summer. The mesh will dissolve anyways, but it is essential that the mesh with bait will not fall apart before the bait hits the bottom. We have verified that the time of dissolution of the mesh after its arrival at the desired location has no influence on the success of the hunt. The disintegration of mesh and release of bait occurs between half a minute up until to 20 minutes, depending on temperature. If the water temperature is below 5 ° C, the dissolution of the mesh can be very slow. When using inappropriate (cheap) material the dissolution of the mesh might not occur at all, and after half-day of waiting you can pull out of the water the whole mesh with bait.

Dissolution of the PVA is affected by several factors. The main ones are the temperature of the water at the bottom, the force of water flow and activity of the fish, the amount of bait in mesh and its upsetting. With decreasing water temperature there is a significant decrease of the rate of dissolution of PVA. There is also a difference in the total time of the dissolution of PVA in standing water or flowing river.


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